Gewinner der VR Awards 2019

In dieser Woche fanden in London die dritten VR Awards statt. Das Event wurde von AIXR veranstaltet und es waren mehr als 300 Branchen-Vertreter da. Die Gewinner wurden von 80 Experten in 12 Kategorien gewählt.

Ouculus Quest gewann den Preis für die beste Hardware des Jahres, während “A Fisherman’s Tale” von Innerspace VR und ARTE France zum VR-Spiel des Jahres gekrönt wurde. Die Gewinner der einzelnen Kategorien sind jeweils dick markiert. Die Entwickler-Legende John Carmack hat zudem einen “VR Lifetime Achievement Award” bekommen. Weitere Informationen lassen sich ansonsten der offiziellen Seite entnehmen.

VR Hardware of the Year:

Oculus – Quest
VRgineers – XTAL 5K HMD
Oculus – Rift S
HTC – Vive Pro Eye
VR Electronics – Teslasuit
HP – Reverb VR Headset

VR Game of the Year:

SIEE & ASOBI Team – ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
Ninja Theory – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition
Coatsink – Shadow Point
Sony London Studio – Blood & Truth
Owlchemy Labs – Vacation Simulator
Outerloop Games – Falcon Age
Secret Location – Transpose
First Contact Entertainment – Firewall Zero Hour
Survios – CREED: Rise to Glory
Archiact – FREEDIVER: Triton Down
Resolution Games – Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs
Innerspace VR & ARTE France – A Fisherman’s Tale
SignSine – PROZE: Enlightenment

VR Experience of the Year:

ILMxLAB & Oculus Studios – Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode I
NBC Universal & Digital Domain – Eleven Eleven
StartVR – Awake
REWIND & SkyVR – Curfew: Join The Race
Lucas Rizzotto – Where Thoughts Go
Cinétévé Experience & Backlight Studio – The Scream VR

VR Film of the Year:

Fable Studio, Third Rail Projects & Oculus Story Studio – Wolves in the Walls: It’s All Over
Grammatik Agency – the bOnd
Baobab Studios – Crow: The Legend
Walt Disney Animation Studios – Cycles
Secret Location & Electric Shepherd Productions – The Great C
Breaking Fourth Limited – Lucid
Felix & Paul Studios – Traveling While Black
Simpals Studio – Aripi
Parable, Channel 4 & 59 Productions – Grenfell: Our Home

VR Marketing of the Year:

Backlight, Orangina Suntory & Marcel – Oasis Pocket Adventure: The Infrunite Slide
UDG Ludwigsburg & Nerdindustries – Porsche “Hall of Legends” VR Experience
Qualcomm Technologies – Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018 Invitations
Proektmarketing +1 – Ledvizor VR-presentation space
LR Studio – VR experience for Santos de Cartier launch
Ready At Dawn – Lone Echo II: Trailer Experience
Happy Finish, H+K Strategies & Ford – Ford ‘WheelSwap’ VR

Rising VR Company of the Year:

Maze Theory
Fable Studio

Innovative VR Company of the Year:

Make Real
Fundamental Surgery
Amaze VR
Spinview UK
Emblematic Group
Ballast Technologies
Avantis Systems

VR Education & Training of the Year:

Filament Games – Breaking Boundaries in Science
Vodafone & Make Real – Working at Height
Isbank – IsReality (Isbank)
Orka Informatics – Virtual Training Ship Simulation (VTS)
Nanopixel & Eandis – Training: Replace low voltage fuses without life-threatening risks
Somewhere Else Solutions – BODYSWAPS
Avantis Systems – ClassVR
Immerse – DHL: Gamification of the Cargo Loading VR Training Process
Engine House VFX – Exoplanet Explorers 2
MOYOSA Media – Mighty Masters

VR Healthcare of the Year:

Immerse – GE Healthcare: Increasing training opportunities for radiographers through VR
Oxford Medical Simulation – Oxford Medical Simulation
Fundamental Surgery – Fundamental Surgery (FS)
Precision OS Technology – Augmented Baseplate Shoulder Simulation & Patient Specific Planning
Oxford VR – Fear of Heights (clinical acrophobia)
Virtualware & King’s College London – VR for Psychosis Research and Treatment

Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year:

ILMxLAB & The VOID – Ralph Breaks VR
Ballast Technologies & Wiegand.Maelzer – VRSlide
DIVR – Golem VR
MWMi – Chained: A Victorian Nightmare
Dreamscape Immersive – Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Experience
Holocafe – FaBIOS Fantastic Fun Factory
Zero Latency – Sol Raiders
Vertigo Games & Jaywalkers Interactive – Arizona Sunshine LBVR
Ymagis & Backlight Studio – TOYLAND : CRAZY MONKEY
Ubisoft Blue Byte – Beyond Medusa’s Gate
Flight School Studio – War Remains

VR Social Impact Award:

Vulcan Productions – X-Ray Fashion
Force Field Entertainment – Anne Frank House VR
Galactig – Dementia Yn Fy Nwylo I / First Hand
Springbok Entertainment – The 100% – Maggie’s Story
Vulcan Productions – Ghost Fleet VR
East City Films – Common Ground
Artie – Mercy
Visualise & Don’t Panic – The Right Choice – ICRC

VR Enterprise Solution of the Year:

Make Real & Lloyds Banking Group – Lloyds Resilience & Vitality
VBlueprint Reality – MixCast VR Marketing System
Autodesk – Autodesk VRED – VR Collaboration
Goodpatch – Athena
Virtualware – VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room
Elara Systems – VR Command Center

Quelle: UploadVR

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