Kunst 23 Zürich: Die Zukunft der Kunst in der digitalen Ära

Art 23 Zurich: The future of art in the digital era

Zurich's leading art fair, "Kunst 23", celebrates its 29th anniversary in the newly renovated, urban Halle 550. This modern location offers Kunst 23 a refreshing setting and reflects the unique energy of this exquisite art fair. Galleries from Germany and abroad present outstanding works. A highlight is the inclusion of artists working in the field of new technologies. In particular, the renowned artist Andrea Stahl, who is showing female figures made of steel and her digital twins, and the Swiss artist Sarah Montani, who is simultaneously presenting her sculptures in 30 of the world's largest museums. An exhibition concept that seemed unthinkable just a short time ago. The fusion of art and technology not only opens up new creative horizons, but also poses ethical and legal questions, which will be discussed in panel discussions on Saturday.

Evelyne Fenner, the managing director and driving force behind Kunst 23, was asked how she manages the huge organisation each year. Her answer was pragmatic and characteristic: simply pull it off. This year, too, she has put together an interesting programme and is presenting an exhibition with format.

Particularly noteworthy in the NFT area:

Andrea StahlShe creates impressive female figures made of steel, which also exist as digital twins. These digital masterpieces are a special offer for visitors, who can take them with them digitally as a souvenir.

Harry Yeff: The London-born media artist, known for his work at the intersection of voice, technology and performance, presented his "Voice Gems - Message of Hope" at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos. [Link](www.weforum.org/MessagesOfHope/).

Sarah MontaniAs a digital pioneer, she combines traditional painting techniques with augmented reality. She was the first artist to show augmented reality sculptures at Skulptura - one of the largest sculpture exhibitions in Europe. Video to the stand: https://vimeo.com/877853883

The panel discussions will take place on Saturday from 2 pm and will be moderated by Zenya Kwan, co-founder of the Swiss Metaverse Association and former NFT researcher at Pipilotti Rist Studio. The discussion ARTistic Algorithms in AI, Ethics and Law will provide an insight into the development and current status of artificial intelligence (AI).

If you are not on site, you can visit one of the exhibitions in the Metaverse View.

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