Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR Round 2

We were able to test two more titles in the Sandbox VR, which opened in December in the Swisslife Arena in Zurich. Our four-person verdict: entertaining, surprising, worth a visit!

Would we like to test other titles in Sandbox VR? No question; of course we're up for it. Our feedback from last time regarding the cloakroom and lockers has already been implemented and this time, too, we have received a very warm welcome.

In our second test, the choice is also difficult at first. With eight exciting-sounding titles, this is understandable. Once again, we decided against the best seller "Deadwood Valley" and chose the promising experiences "Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire" and "Amber Sky 2088". The dialogues in the former are funny and the graphics in the latter are unique. Well then: put on your tracker and waistcoat and get to work!

Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire

As the title suggests, this is a fantasy adventure. After a short intro in which we learn how to use our weapons and the art of healing, we set off into the mythical world. There we continuously fight nasty monsters and skeletons. The ingenious and probably unique thing about the game is that you can choose between different courses of action. The whole team is repeatedly asked to vote. You also receive a new weapon at the end of the game, which you can use the next time you play. This allows you to play the game again and not only score more points, but also experience something new. Although there were two technical glitches that interrupted the game, we all found the experience very cool. We used the short breaks to inspect our opponents and the blood splatters and just fool around in VR. Which works really well with full-body tracking.

Amber Sky 2088

In this title, after another intro, we find ourselves in a futuristic city where the last functioning space lift on Earth is located. Our mission? To save the Earth and humanity, of course! To do this, we are given weapons and two players are also given shields with which we can protect ourselves and our friends. The firearms can also be exchanged in the game if they are discovered and unlocked.

As promised, the graphics are truly unique. For a VR experience, the detail view is also razor-sharp and the view from the lift down to the city is phenomenal. Here, too, we are surprised by cool effects: On the one hand, fans are switched on so that you can really feel the draught in the lofty heights. Secondly, the lift not only goes up and down, but we are also separated as a team via a platform split. Although you are of course still close to each other in real life, you have the feeling of being really far away from your mates. A really recommendable experience in which the technology finally works perfectly.

As with all games, there are once again personalised final films that provide plenty of laughs.

The selection of games at Sandbox is really very varied. What I think should be added is a kind of quest in which the players have to solve puzzles - preferably co-operatively. In general, I would also find fewer monsters in the "shooter games" but more precise shooting more exciting. According to the operator, three more titles will be added this year. Where the posters will go on the wall is still open, but one thing is certain: we'll meet up for Deadwood, the zombie shooter series, when part 3 is released.

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