Kleintheater Luzern Katze

Kleintherater Lucerne: "I am a cat"

Attention cat fans! Irina Lorez and Kevin Graber are performing on the digital stage at the Kleintheater Lucerne. Your guests can take a virtual walk through the grass with the velvet paws.

What is it like to be a cat? Dancer, performer and animal kinesiologist Irina Lorez and video professional Kevin Graber bring light into the darkness in their piece "I am a cat". It represents a further development and transformation of the performance "Being Animal" (2020-2021) into the digital space. In this redesign, visitors are transported into a cat themselves and given the unique opportunity to experience the world through the senses of such an animal. What visual impressions do cat eyes capture? What sensations flow through them? What potential dangers are they exposed to? The play opens up an extraordinary interaction with these furry four-legged friends at eye level and promises a fascinating, multi-sensory experience. The event takes place on site in 30-minute time slots and is a 1:1 experience.

Game data

Sun 21.01 | Fri 26.01. | Sat 27.01. | Thu 01.02.

The event will take place on site in the basement of the Kleintheater.

You can find more information here: Little theatre |irinalorez.ch | kevingraber.ch

The project is a collaboration with research groups from the Departments of Computer Science and Design and Art at the HSLU.

Source: Kleintheater / Source picture: Zofinger Tagblatt, Patrick Hürlimann

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