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World premiere: Insect flight simulator is launched

As part of its 100-year anniversary, BirdLife Switzerland has developed the insect flight simulator "Birdly Insects" together with the Swiss company Somniacs. This allows you to fly as a butterfly through a spectacular virtual natural landscape. BirdLife and Cantonal Councillor Martin Neukom inaugurated the world first today at the Neeracherried Nature Centre.

The well-known flight simulator, about which we have already spoken several times reports has found a new place of use: Fly like a butterfly for once: This is possible with "Birdly Insects". The illusion is perfect thanks to the insect flight simulator: "When flying through a species-rich flower meadow, you experience the joys and sorrows of the small animals on your own body. The wondrous world of insects and meadow plants can be discovered at close range. The grassy landscape becomes an adventure jungle and only with a bit of skill is it possible to get through unscathed," writes BirdLife Switzerland in its statement.

Urgent concern - explained in a catchy way

With "Birdly Insects", BirdLife Switzerland draws attention to a serious issue in a contemporary way: insects are declining dramatically, with unknown consequences for the entire ecosystem, according to BirdLife Switzerland. The decline in insects is obvious: a few decades ago, the windscreens of vehicles had to be regularly cleaned of hundreds of insects, but today this is hardly necessary.

Part of a special exhibition

The insect flight simulator is part of the special exhibition "Insects - Secret Heroes" at the BirdLife Nature Centre Neeracherried. There, the insects can be viewed up close thanks to augmented reality.

With tablet in hand, visitors move through the exhibition - as if from nowhere, flying insects appear on the screen against the real background. At these interactive modules they experience the transformation, the movement and the songs of the insects.

Nocturnal animals such as fireflies are a topic, and there are games and puzzles about the diversity of insects and their good "nose". The exhibition also shows numerous ideas on what you can do for the insects yourself. And the film "We and the insects", which BirdLife Switzerland made especially for the exhibition, will be shown.

Flight simulator on Schweiztournée

"Birdly Insects" is also part of the touring exhibition "Take off for biodiversity", which will be stopping off at around 50 locations in German- and French-speaking Switzerland over the next few months. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, BirdLife Switzerland is raising awareness of the importance of an ecological infrastructure for Switzerland: in the interactive exhibition, visitors recognise the importance of protected areas, interconnected areas and other semi-natural habitats for insects, other animals and plants.

The insect flight simulator was developed by the award-winning Swiss company Somniacs. For this purpose, they had around 20 animal and 20 plant species digitally recreated and combined them into a deceptively real natural landscape.

On 25 March, Zurich Cantonal Councillor Martin Neukom opened the special exhibition "Insects - Secret Heroes". The touring exhibition starts in Geneva and will travel through German and French-speaking Switzerland over the next few months.

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