Lone Echo 2 wurde verschoben

Lone Echo 2 has been postponed again

It has been confirmed that the Zero-G adventure "Lone Echo 2" will unfortunately no longer be released for Oculus Rift on 24 August 2021. The release has been postponed to an as yet unknown date this year.

As the developer Ready at Dawn has revealed, more time is simply needed for the finishing touches. The statement says: "It was heartwarming to see the love and excitement expressed last month when we announced the release date for Lone Echo 2. Like many game studios in recent years, our team has overcome new obstacles in development and had to be inventive and resourceful to reach this point. We've worked hard to deliver the best possible gameplay experience, and we look forward to you joining Liv and Jack on their adventures again."

It adds: "However, the closer the release day gets, the clearer it becomes that we need a little more time to fine-tune the game and reach our desired level of quality. For this reason, the release date of Lone Echo 2 will be delayed until later this year. The decision to delay a game is always difficult for us, but we feel you all deserve to experience the best we can deliver."

Source: TheMedium

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