Virtual reality learning for the hospitality industry

The Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum Koblenz (GBZ) wants to react to the shortage of skilled workers with innovative training formats.

Further education does not always have to be frontal, nor does it always have to be in a joint seminar. The Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum Koblenz (GBZ) is currently testing new e-learning formats based on VR technology. Participants can complete the video courses individually and practise practical tasks.

The GBZ has produced three videos with associated trainer guides that depict work at reception, in housekeeping and in the kitchen. The new VR technology enables individual staff training sessions that can be conducted regardless of location, time and number of staff. A trainer is not required, the VR learning packages are self-explanatory and can be used as often as desired. The immersion in virtual reality allows for very practical tasks, the institute announces.

"We are convinced that the use of VR glasses is well suited to meet the educational needs of our industry. The learners are in the middle of the action and will be able to better understand and comprehend the measures presented. What they learn will be better remembered," says Yvonne Pauly, head of department at the GBZ.

The learning package, which can be used independently by restaurateurs for in-house training, includes five VR goggles, the desired learning video, learning material and tests to check performance at an introductory price of 299 euros.

Source: ahgz

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