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VR promotion makes cheese accessible

In order to make Kaltbach cheese specialities accessible to a wide audience, USP was entrusted with the overall responsibility for a live marketing activation in retail. USP was responsible for the project management from the concept, development to the implementation of the brand appearance with a large stand and also ensured the promoter assignments as well as the professional overall appearance including virtual reality cave experience on the surface at the POS.

Swiss consumers were offered an experience with the Emmi Kaltbach promotion at ten different Coop locations: On the one hand, the stand appearance was convincing with the impression of the impressive sandstone cave in Kaltbach, on the other hand with the tasting of the finest cheese varieties with sales directly from the stand. An additional highlight was the Kaltbach Cave Experience, a virtual reality tour of the famous Kaltbach cave.

The aim was to bring the Emmi Kaltbach brand closer to consumers in an emotional way and to get them excited about the different types of cheese that are refined in the Kaltbach cave. What was successful: the shopper feedback on the overall appearance and brand experience was extremely positive across the board.

Even from home, you can take the virtual cave tour through the famous sandstone cave of Experience Kaltbach. Visitors can discover the unique cave system in which our KALTBACH cheese specialities are matured and refined with the 360° experience from the comfort of their own home.

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