Riklin brothers build a museum that leads to the AR

St.Gallen conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin found the "Fondation Riklin": an artistic vision that aims to lay a "new foundation" for social cohesion in Regensdorf, culminating in augmented reality.

Can art shape the mentality of a place and its inhabitants? How can it influence social cohesion? What potential lies in unusual encounters and unusual combinations? These interesting questions are discussed in the latest work of the "Fondation Riklin".

In collaboration with a Swiss real estate company and together with the people of Regensdorf, the Riklin brothers are creating a kind of "concreted art museum" that will form the foundation of the new Zwhatt urban district - as a cornerstone for the future spirit of living together.

Art on the DNA of an urban quarter

In doing so, Frank and Patrik Riklin, together with their client, the real estate company Pensimo Management AG, want to consistently embody the spirit of the future city quarter near Regensdorf and cultivate the artistic maxims already in the development phase. In this sense, the Riklins are making "art on the DNA of a new urban quarter".

"If the client could not seriously support our concept, we would be unable to act as artists. Art as a "nice-to-have" is out of the question for us," say the two. The philosophy of the project is to bring everyday things together to create something new and unusual.

Twisted artworks

Collect. Produce. Conserve. These are the three steps to realising the Fondation Riklin. For their project, Frank and Patrik Riklin will be walking around Regensdorf, Adlikon and Watt over the next few months. They will spontaneously ring doorbells and ask people if they would like to donate an everyday object for the idea of the Riklin Foundation.

The Riklins have a new special task: collecting everyday objects, bringing them together and turning them into "twisted" works of art. "Basically, we make a kind of object porn," say the artists.

In a second step, the conceptual artists cut up the object and bring it together with a similar object, also from a Regensdorf household, in a complementary way. Or in other words, they "twisted" two everyday objects. In this way, works of art are created that stand for the unusual encounter and creative coexistence.

Augmented reality should breathe life back into what has been set in concrete

In a third step, the Riklins' artworks are "pulled" back into society with a ladder truck, lifted onto white pedestals and placed for discourse before being concreted into the foundation of the Zwhatt urban quarter - and preserved as a cornerstone for the spirit of future coexistence.

Later on, the embedded, obscured artworks and their stories are to be brought back to life by means of augmented reality, so that AR is also used here as a means of preservation so that future generations can experience the past.

The completion and opening of the "Fondation Riklin" is planned for 2024. So that you can experience the whole thing in AR, you'll probably have to wait a while longer.

Source: dieostschweiz

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