Erstes virtuelles Reisebüro der Schweiz

Switzerland's first virtual travel agency

Eastern Swiss travel agent Helbling Reisen is opening Switzerland's first virtual travel agency. The innovation allows customers to immerse themselves in the virtual world and offers an experience that goes far beyond conventional advice.

More and more holidays are being booked online. Reason enough to open a virtual travel agency, thought the innovative travel agency Helbling Reisen, which has branches in Gossau SG and Teufen AR. Their latest innovation is a virtual travel agency that can be accessed with virtual reality glasses as well as on a PC or smartphone. This enables customers to be inspired by a world full of travel options in a virtual space. The special thing about this virtual travel agency is the combination of digital content and personalised advice.

Customers can interact with Helbling's experienced staff via various channels such as WhatsApp, chat, video calls or as avatars in virtual reality. "This creates a new level of customer experience - low-threshold, non-binding and yet exceptionally immersive and inspiring," says Michael Mettler, owner and Managing Director of Helbling Reisen.

The first virtual travel agency in Switzerland

For this innovative project, Helbling teamed up with the digital agency TKF from St.Gallen and Zurich and VR-All-Art AG from Zug and had the Helbling Reisen salesrooms transferred 1:1 into a metaverse. TKF has been working intensively on virtual and augmented reality projects for almost ten years.

With the opening of the VR showroom, Helbling Reisen is not only setting a new standard in travel consulting, but also opening the doors to a future in which travel and technology flow seamlessly into one another. The virtual travel agency will not only be a place of inspiration, but also a sign of how far the boundaries of creativity and customer engagement can be pushed in the digital era.

"The new experience exceeds in every respect the experiences that have been possible in the online sector of the travel industry to date," says Michael Mettler. You can experience the Helbling Reisen virtual showroom live here:

If you have Oculus Quest VR glasses (version 2 or 3), you can also experience the Helbling Reisen VR Showroom immersively in virtual reality. Simply download the free VR All-Art app from the Meta Quest App Store (under App Labs), create a login and get started:

With this in mind, we wish you a safe journey!

Source: Press release

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